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A 2D, 16-bit Metroid-like with the development project name "NiTL".

Initial development started early 2014 and has been continuing ever since. NiTL is built in the Unity engine using the latest available version (as of 14/07/2018, Unity 2018.2.0f2).

NiTL was started out as a desire to play more 2D, traditional Metroid games. And since I was getting into game development I decided that should be my maiden voyage.

Since 2014, the game has gone through three major designs each bringing massive improvements to either optimization, gameplay features, or art-style and aesthetic.

NiTL currently has two (and a half) demos available;

  1. The first ever public alpha that was created for presentation at the "Infogamer by Reboot" game convention at the end of 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia.
  2. Demo 2 which is one of the major overhauls since the first alpha demo and includes completely new sprites for the player.
  3. The half I mentioned in the () brackets is Demo 2.6.3, which is Demo 2 updated with some of the update designed to be featured in Demo 3 that is currently in development.

Each new demo has so far been exponentially larger than the previous one, for quick comparison:

  1. Demo 1 is sized at 20 rooms that are 24x14 tiles large
  2. Demo 2 is sized at 62 rooms that are 27x15 tiles large
  3. (In-Development) Demo 3 is sized at 143 rooms that are 27x15 tiles large.

To put it into more of a perspective, Demo 3 will be the size of a moderate amount of finished games.

Everything so far has been programmed by myself, learning as I go. The game has been nearly entirely funded out of my own pocket which is why there isn't a lot of art and audio assets finished and why the development has been taking so long.

There are currently 9 unique types of enemies, and 14 different player mechanics beyond the usual movement and jumping. A fully functional saving and loading system. An auto-map and scroll-able map screen, and a status screen that updates to show you what abilities you have along with health and ammo.

The demo available on this itch.io site is Demo 2.6.9a and 2.6.9.Vulkan only.
To view older demos, click here. If you wish to donate, click here.

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NiTL_Demo_v2.6.9a-32bit.zip 26 MB
NiTL_Demo_v2.6.9a-MAC.zip 28 MB

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